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Dominaariva ja alistuva mäg.

Lisa suhtele vürtsi.

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Dominaariva ja alistuva mäg. Lisa suhtele vürtsi.

Iga kast sisaldab kõiki vajalikke objekte, nagu piits, mantel, mõla, silmaklapp, krae, sulgi, käeraudade komplekt, pahkluu mansettide komplekt, hogtie, pärisorjus ja köis. vöö. Mängus on ka 24 mängukaarti koos selgete juhistega, mis on saadaval 10 keeles: inglise, hispaania, prantsuse, saksa, hollandi, poola, vene, itaalia, rootsi ja norra keeles.

Inglise keelne kirjeldus:

You never know what might happen in this exciting game of power and submission. Would you like to hold all the ropes or would you rather be the one bound and gagged? Are you in charge or do you wish to obey? Does the whip come down on your buttocks or will you administer you partner an erotic lashing?

Surprise yourself with the task cards in which you can alternate between being dominant or submissive, or you can both choose your favourite role. One thing is certain though: your senses will be dramatically heightened and, even more important, everything you need is in the game box, including a whip, gag, paddle, blindfold, collar, feather tickler, wrist and ankle cuffs, hogtie, bondage rope and a belt. We wish you endless fun with this game box full of erotic surprises.

MASTER & SLAVE is an absolute must for those who desire to experiment a little with some kinky erotica in their sexual relationship. All the accessories you could wish for can be found in the box.

Each box contains all of the items you will need, such as a whip, a gag, a paddle, a blindfold, a collar, a feather tickler, a set of handcuffs, a set of ankle cuffs, a hogtie, a bondage rope and a belt. The game also comes with 24 playing cards with clear instructions, available in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian.

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