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Pornhubi vibraator.

7 erinevat vibreerimissagedust.

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Pornhubi vibraator. Disainitud kõikide fantaasiate täide viimiseks. See pole pelgalt rabbit tüüpi vibraator vaid arenenud tehnoloogiaga seade mis võimaldus ühendamist ka teiste pornhubi leludega.Samuti ühendades seade  Pornhubi videote või webcamiga – seade sünkroniseerib ennast ekraanil nähtuvaga ja vibreerib vastavalt sellele.

7 erinevat vibratisoonitaset.

Materjal: ABS

Patarei: Lithium-ion taaslaaditav

Veekindel: Jah

The Virtual Rabbit from PornHub is designed to make all your fantasies a reality. More than just a vibrator, the rabbit uses advanced technology that allows you to interact with your partner from a distance simply by connecting to their compatible PornHub toy, or if you prefer some solo play, then let your imagination become a lot more real by linking it to PornHub videos or a webcam so that your rabbit can act out the motions you see on screen. You can also use this as a more traditional vibrator that offers amazing clitoral stimulation with 7 intense vibration settings to choose from – no matter how you use the rabbit, you’re always going to be coming back for more.

With 80 million daily visits Pornhub is the number one recognised and largest porn site worldwide. The official Pornhub collection is designed for ultimate satisfaction. The exclusive range includes men’s, women’s and couple’s toys packed with advanced technology and virtual reality experiences to blow your mind.

– Material: Silicone
– Battery: Lithium-ion Rechargeable
– Waterproof: yes
– Phthalate free